The Generation (Ajyal) Library

The INLA opened a new library which is beside to Its other various activities . The Generation library , as It has been called , houses books and periodicals that meet the needs of the ages from (6-17) and aims to raise the cultural awareness of these age group .
This important step , one of many others undertaken by this cultural institution , is supervised by the director general of the National Library Dr. Saad Eskander .
The Generation Library's Importance lies in being the first of Its Kind in Iraq despite the violent convulsions the country went through - in those circumstances the youth turned away from reading while superficial culture prevailed , not only among the youth in Iraq , but also in other countries in the world . Thus , the Generation Library takes on exceptional significance as It focuses on a vital section of society .
The establishment of the library realizes What the UNESCO has been stressing since 1949 on many occasions about the responsibility of libraries towards children .

The Library's aims :

The idea for the Generation Library arose from a general awareness trend that there are actual and vital cultural needs which must be met due to the educational , Cultural and political changes in Iraq , and the urgency of instilling modern values based on love of Knowledge and Social Communication into children's minds , In other words There is a need for cultural development for the young as well as for adults State run and private institutions have been stressing on the latter14 .
The Generation Library focuses on achieving educational , social and recreational goals which could be Summed up in the following :

- Providing a Suitable healthy environment for youngsters to read freely outside their conventional education curricula . Therefore , It represents an additional educational centre Which helps children to educate themselves by tapping into new sources of Knowledge .
- Giving children and youngster the opportunity to explore their talents in reading , Writing , Poetry , Story Writing and Painting .

- Stressing the importance of children and youngsters' culture and encouraging specialization in literary publications for children and youngsters and creating a new generation of creative writers in the fields of literary writing , music and arts .
- Building bridges between the Culture of the two Worlds : the World of the young and the grown - up world and providing a basic from of common language within the family and Within society in general .
- Contributing toward Creating an intellectual , effective character that is able to interact With others rather than a negative , irritable and insular one .
- Making Information available and accessible to children and this many encourage them to build their own libraries at home .
- Reading encourages children to develop new and important internets .
- The library also encourages the spirit of teamwork and collaboration in general social issues .

The Generation Library : a Futuristic Model

The library is meant to be a nucleus of a larger project . The Idea is to invest in the success of the Generation Library project and make it a model which could be copied on the national level . The second step the INLA intends to take is to suggest to Baghdad Governorate Council the Idea of an integral project aimed at establishing a network of Generation Library in residential areas particularly poverty - stricken areas . The third step Would be to Persuade each governorate to establish a network of Generation Libraries . And the final step is to establish a national network of Generation Libraries .
The INLA hopes that these libraries Will be , temporarily , Under the administrative and financial supervision of the local authority . However , the INLA believes in the importance of establishing an administrative institution to run these libraries in order to achieve their goals , Unify their cultural and educational trends and keeping them independent of politics , parties and ideologies .
The Generation Library Will hold the following library collections

- Paper publications .
- Digital Publications .
- Digital and Conventional audio collections (children's song and audio stories)
- Conventional and digital visual collections (feature films , cartoons , educational and cultural computer programmes) .

The Library's Structure :

- A special website for the library on the internet .
- A drawing work ship for children .
- Internet and Computer Centre .
- Reading room .
- Administration .

Means of Attraction :

- The Generation Library's Website on the Internet .
-Organizing trips for schools and kindergartens .
- Using Various means of publicity like posters .
- Holding special children and youngsters themed exhibitions for children and adults .
- Coordinating with the Fine Arts institute and Academy to benefit from the artistic potential of the students of the Cinema and Theatre department to act out stories .
- Diversifying means of access to information to avoid boredom .
-Using decor , furniture and beautiful colours .

Publicity Campaign to Promote the Generation Library Project .

- Raising the awareness of people about the importance of investment in the world of children and youngsters which is different from the world of adults in Its needs , leanings and wishes .
- Informing decision makers of the importance of investing in the world of children and youngsters because early Scientific and Cultural education is a vital part of the overall national development .
- Information Iraqi Intelligentsia to assume the responsibility towards children's culture in a wider and serious manner .