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A Course at Information Technology Department

29 Oct 2014

A specialized course in "Windows Server 2008" was held at INLA from 20-24 October The lectures were delivered by "Amar Aqeel" the director of digital library at information technology department .
A number of employees from "IT" department took part in the course to develop their skills and experiences , especially that INLA has aimed to keep up with the progress in the world


The Famous actor : Taha Alwan at INLA

22 Oct 2014

On Wednesday 23 Oct 2014 , INLA hosted the famous actor "Taha Alwan to shed light on his distinguished career .
This symposium was a part of celebration programme .



A Play at INLA

22 Oct 2014

On Tuesday 22 Oct 2014 , as a part of INLA's 11th reconstruction anniversary , actors and students from Arts College performed at INLA a new play titled "Ghareeb Al Dar" "The stranger of the home" directed by Dr. Zoher Al Shimery"  .




Handicraft and Folk Arts Exhibition

22 Oct 2014

On Tuesday 22 Oct 2014 , the Academy of Handicraft and Folk Arts in collaboration with Folk Heritage Department held a special exhibition at INLA on the occasion of the 11th reconstruction anniversary , and under the slogan "from the ashes The Iraqi National Library and Archive has risen" Handmade Products such as carpets , folk fashion , woolen , housewives and popular dishes were exhibited in this beautiful exhibition .




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