Iraqi Digital Library Project 2012 :

Since the late 2012 INLA has started the construction of the Iraqi Digital Library building which will be a major project in Iraq and will provide a huge amount of information in digital form . The project is being implemented at a cost of 20 million dollars by an Iraqi Swedish Company .

This library's holding of books , films , pictures , maps and documents will not be in paper format . They will be all digitalized . Audio - visual and paper materials will also be digital format .

The Library will include :

- A Sound lab which processes sound tracks and digitalizes folk music . A group of Information Technology staff were trained in London on archiving digital sound to preserve Iraq's sound heritage particularly music and protect it from loss as It is an important part of Its non-material heritage .

- A film lab :

It will include documentary and historical films . The staff will be trained on digitalization in Italy .

- Digital documents , publications and periodicals .