The Activist Hana'a Edward in INLA

On Monday , 17th November 2014 , The well-known activist Hana'a Edward , one of the members of the board of trustees at "Al-amal Society" and the representative of civil community organizations , was hosted by INLA in a session dedicated to human and women rights and the role of civil society organizations in boosting these rights , in light of the challenges taking place in the country .

The session was organized by the Human Rights Committee in the Ministry of Culture , which was headed by Dr. Sa'ad Basheer Eskander , director general of INLA , and under the supervision of Fawzy Al-Atroshy , The deputy minister of Culture at the beginning the session , Mrs Edward shed the light on her distinguished life , then Mr. Al-Atroshy talked about Mrs. Edward parsing her efforts , since she was a member of the Communist Party highlighting her activities in supporting women rights ascertaining the importance of the existence of the civil society organizations .

The Women is a Citizen with Full Eligibility :

The activist Mrs. Edward discussed the role of women and other civil society organizations as a representative of these organizations mentioning that her slogan is (building the man better than building stones) ascertaining the impossibility of ensuring the human rights and building a civil state with great economic and social changes without building the man highlighting the circumstances under the Iraqi people lived in previous regimen that crushing their dignity and rights , for this reason these civil organizations uphold their principles support the human rights in Iraq , and spread the culture of respect these rights .

Mrs. Edward added that the women is a productive energy , a citizen of full eligibility and active in every fields of life , according to that the policy of state must deal directly with the women and do not deal with her as a subordinate for the man , pointing out to the women who held leadership positions struggled and jailed in the first woman minister in Iraq was a good example to mention in this respect .

Quota :

Mrs. Edward highlighted that the civil society organizations including Al-Amal society . Demanded for "Quota" as a first step to reduce the gap between the two sexes in administrating the state affairs and decision making . The constitution has also ascertained that the country must be administrated by the both sexes expressing that the views of women regarding the policy are to achieve the security and the peace of the whole country .

Mrs. Edward added that the civil society organizations organized interviews with political leadership to prove the woman existence in negotiations .

A roadmap for reform :

Mrs. Edward reported that the civil organizations designed a roadmap for political reform including building up the trust among the political powers achieving the transitive justice , working on the principal of citizen security first of all , ensuring rights and freedoms , such as freedom of expression , press , and demonstration and protest .

also Mrs. Edward focusing on the necessity of the rule of law , and adopted the case of displaced families and their rights as well as the minorities who were exposed to the danger of the extreme "ISIS" Al last Mrs. Edward emphasized on the role of the young especially the new generation in the state administration and decision-making .

Protecting the Women and the Children :

Mrs. Edward pointed out to the letter which was submitted by evil society organizations to the Council of human rights titled with "the call of Iraqi women to the United Nations focusing on demanding to form International commission of inquiry to concern about the situations of women and children in the presence of ISIS , and provide the health care to them declaring that this committee will come to Iraq to discuss this topic shedding the light on this call .

Mrs. Edward added that the civil society organizations is seeking to pass a law according to the constitution that guarantees the protection of minorities and cultural and social diversity in Iraq .

Fighting the Discrimination :

Mrs. Edward reported that one of the activities of these civil organizations was working for two years to enforce the agreement of fighting all kinds of discrimination , as well as issuing books dealt with important issues , and holding women peacemakers conference which was attended by men also , because the change can not be achieved without sharing the labor between the both sexes .

Mrs. Edward explained that the mission of these civil organizations is the change not charity work only , which is a part of their work , in this basis , these organizations are working on the issue of the charter of the partnership between the government and parliament in the field of politics , because the change will not happen without the joint work .

INLA Culture and human rights :

The session included a word of Dr. Sa'ad Basheer Eskander , the director general of INLA and the chairman of the human rights commission in the Ministry of Culture , highlighted the role of the library in providing archival services and books , and holding symposiums about human rights and minorities and their culture especially that the first obelisk of rights and laws found in Iraq , in addition to that the concept of human rights is a democratic concept , in essence .

Dr Sa'ad added that all the religions emphasize human rights while for example , the child rights in Iraq are violated , and he affirmed that the INLA takes into consideration the rights of women based on the fact that most the heads of the departments and sections are women explaining that the democratic process must start from the bottom to the top , not vice versa .

Questions and Answers about women issues :

The symposium included questions from reporters and journalists to Mrs. Edward about the "Ja'afari personal status law" which included the underage marriage which abolished the positives of the previous laws (The Iraqi Personal Status Law 1959) .

Mrs Edward reported that The civil society organization against this law (The Ja'afari Personal Status Law) which violates the constitution and humiliates  the women .

Religious scholars also rejected this law especially it is transgressed "The Ja'afari doctrine " itself , Therefore The civil organizations demanded for deleting this law and the article No. 41 from the constitution .

Pascal Wared , the minister of State for Women affairs , declared before the Sedaw Committee :

that the Ja'afari personal status law suspended .

Also there is a question about visiting the jails to check the conditions of prisoners from women .

Mrs. Edward responded , saying that it is very difficult to get a permission to visit the jails , but inspite of that one of these organization enabled to enter one of the jails and submit a report pointing out to the torture and violation that the women in jails are exposed to .

Mrs. Edward explained that the purpose of visiting jails is to reform and rehabilitate rather than criticism and defamation .

Another question raised about "family protection centers of community police" and their effectiveness In this regard , Mrs. Edward replied saying : that there are tow family protection centers in Kirkuk and Basrah in very bad condition , furthermore that there are no women working at these centers to encourage the women to reach to these centers and claim their rights .

Also there was a question about the marriage outside the court "illegal marriage" and the role of the civil society organizations in raising awareness through the media .

Mrs. Edward replied saying , that the marriage outside the court is a calamity , and the underage marriage is a greater calamity ascertaining that the "Personal Status Law" No 188 and its amendments , punishes everyone marries out of the court because the marriage contract is the documentation of the marriage to ensure the rights of the family ascertaining that the most important thing is to provide a source of livelihood for them , and then they can make the decision of marriage focusing on the need for media awareness .

Mrs. Edward concluded her statement saying :

Al-Amal society is working for achieving a real partnership and happy family life .