The 81th issue of Al-Mawrooth

INLA published the 80th issue of the monthly cultural e-zine which is concerned with the world of books , libraries , Iraqi archives and Culture in general .

The e-zine publishes articles with resources from the library's collections and articles contributed by writers and academics as well as field tours researching cultural issues the e-zine specializes in .

The new issue includes various cultural topics and new sections . The following are some of Its contents :

- INLA ended the activities of its annual celebration .

- Hana'a Edward hosted by INLA to discuss the women issues and human rights .

- A course in United Arabic Cataloging System .

- the famous actor : Taha Alwan hosted by INLA .

- Handicraft Exhibitions at INLA .

- Caricature Exhibition quoted from folk proverbs .

- Handicraft and folk arts exhibition .

- Charity bazaar at INLA .

- A Play at INLA .

- The song writer : Kamal Mahmud in the program of "the journey of days" "rehlat Al Ayam" .

- Baghdad in the travels of "Tafer Nayeh" in 1652 .

- From cinema memory : Layla in Iraq .

- Folk fashion : Baghdadi Jubbah .

- The press archive : "The son of country" journal "ebn Al balad" .

- the story of a song .

- A visit to International Baghdad Fair .

- Recent publications arrived at INLA .

- Documentation of cultural heritage in newspapers and magazines .

- Pictures from Al-Mawrooth's page on Facebook The e-journal is published under the supervision of Dr Sa'ad Basheer Eskander , the director general of INLA and includes the following staff .

- Editorial Manager : Asmaa Mohammed Mustafa .

- Electronic Designer :

Nadia Hatim
Eman Abdul Hameed
Dhay Mudher
Ayman Kamil Jawad

- Writers and Reporters :

Madiha Abdul Rahman
Ayman Kamil Jawad
Kawther Jasim
Maymoon Sabih
Sundus al-Dahas
'Adil Mohammed
Lam'an Abdul Rahman
Zuhoor al-Jawahiri
Abbas al-Baldaw
Mustafa Ibrahim
Ali al-Rubaiee
Frqan Falah
Qais Hatef Sa'eed .

- Photography :

Amjad "abbas
Omer Zuheer
Ehab Falih
Abbas al-Baldaw
Mustafa Ibrahim

Typing by :

Kawther Jasim
Nidhal Hasan
Zainab Talib

Al-Mawrooth welcomes the contributions of writers , academics , archivists and literary men who would like to provide the e-zine with articles that are in line with al-Mawrooth's trend . Please note that the articles have to do with the worlds of books , libraries , heritage , archives and all that is related to Iraqi Cultural and Journalistic and free from contentious religious and political issues because al-Mawrooth aims to reveal Iraq's Cultural cache through various ages .

The e-zine does not publish poetry , short stories or plays .