The INLA Projects

The INLA programme for improving and developing Its services aimed to elevate Its status from being local to global through building two national and international networks and by training Its staff abroad . The library and has also been able to enhance Its national character by providing library and archives services , promoting Iraqi cultural production and cultural cooperation with Iraqi and foreign institution .The library has also won back Its membership in the International Federation of Libraries Associations (IFLA) and in the International Council for Archives . These goals were achieved through Its continuing projects as shown below :

1. The electronic database with the support of Italy 2004 .

2. Digitalization 2008 which is a continuing project .

3. Joint projects with the British Library to close gaps in Iraqi's modern historical memory .

4. Laboratory for maintaining and restoring documents with the support of the Czech republic 2005 .

5. Document imaging laboratory for Microfilms installed with Czech and American support 2006 .

6. Baghdad Memory project 2007 .

7. Training courses abroad .

8. The National Archives building project - The library and archives stores 2009

9. Training for the establishment of the digital libraries and running the electronic sites with European support
     2010-2011 .

10. INLA offices in the governments .

11. Paper and Electronic Publications .

12. Baghdad's Memory Website Project 2012 .

13. Iraqi Digital Library Project 2012 .

14. Iraq's Voice Project The Audio Digital Archive 2012 .

15. The Generation Library Project .

16. Training Minorities Project 2013 .